Restaurant template

Restaurant template

If you are a restaurant owner or have a client who does then you know all too well how difficult it can be to fill seats. But what if you could use the power of a social media platform that is used by billions?

Introducing Messenger marketing into your restaurant is a new way to interact with your customers.

Features you need to install this template:


New ways of getting more customers

It really is difficult these days to fill those restaurant seats. You will not only provide the best experience in the restaurant possible but also interact with your customer on a more personal level. Making it easy as having a conversation to make a reservation, view the menu in advanced, reward loyal customers through a VIP program.

All of this is possible with a Messenger bot. Check out the short video to see the possibilities.

Features of the restaurant template

This template is designed for its effectiveness. No fancy gadgets have been added, but only just the features to automate certain processes and providing a unique experience for your customers.

The following is included inside this template:

✅ Onboard customers
✅ View menu items as well link to the website
✅ Enable customers to ask questions
✅ Enable customers to make a reservation
✅ VIP program
✅ Advanced follow-up offer flows 

If you want to give your customers a unique experience then this template contains everything you need. From getting new customers to increase the returning rate of those customers. This template has it all.

The smart way to build Messenger bots

The name Smart Build Chatbots is chosen for a reason. Instead of just creating flows separately and use sequences to connect the pieces together, why not create a whole mainframe?

That’s how the Content Loop was created. One flow to connect to all others. No need for sequences anymore. Having a complete overview of your entire bot in one single flow is amazing.

In essential it is a set of conditions that check which tag subscribers have assigned to them and send them to the corresponding flow. You can keep expanding the content loop as it will never fail to connect to the right flow as long as you make proper use of tags.

What’s included in this template?

✅ Main menu
✅ Default reply
✅ Welcome Message
✅ 19 tags
✅ 17 flows
✅ 7 custom fields
✅ 3 bot fields
✅ 3 keywords
✅ 1 growth tool
✅ 1 rule
✅ 1 Tagging framework
✅ 1 Integromat scenario

This template has everything you need to get started and implement an engaging and interactive chatbot. If you are serious about taking your restaurant to the next level then don’t wait any longer. Create a unique experience for your customers by using an app they already use daily to connect with family and friends.