Loyalty flow

Loyalty flow

This loyalty flow can be used for any niche with just a few clicks. Install the template and customize the text and reward and you’re all set. An awesome way to reward returning customers.

features you need to install this template:

  • Manychat pro account (pro account: first 500 subs for $10)

This template includes:

  • Loyalty flow
  • Messenger scan code growth tool


Rewarding your most loyal customers

The loyalty flow is ideal for rewarding the most loyal customers and can be used in any niche. People need to feel appreciated. It doesn’t matter how big the gesture is. Customize this template by adjusting the text and images to fit your brand and you will have a loyalty program up and running in just a few minutes. 

The Messenger scan code growth tool that is provided will enable you to get people to log into your bot offline like in a local café shop and will most certainly deliver you returning customers.

Flow is fully documented and each step is explained step by step. So don’t wait any longer and reward your most loyal customers today