Coffee Shop Messenger Template

Local Coffee Shop template

This template is all you will need to start a Messenger bot for your coffee shop. It’s a plug and play solution to be able to engage your customers in an interactive way.

Features you need to install this template:

  • Manychat (pro account: first 500 subs for $10)
  • Integromat account (free account)
  • Google account (Free account)


Want returning customers?

Then create a unique experience your customers would want to return to. That’s exactly what this template offers:

✅ 10 flows
✅ 8 Custom fields
✅ 5 bot fields
✅ 12 tags
✅ 2 Google Sheets
✅ 2 Integromat scenario’s

With the contents of this template, you will be able to engage with your customers at any time you would want, let your customers order in advance, attract more customers by offering a free VIP membership and much more.

The template itself is built on the content loop. This was created to provide more structure into a Messenger bot by connecting all separate flows into one flow: The heart and soul of your Messenger bot.

Order to go

Part of this template is the feature that customers can order and pay in advance. This will save your customer a lot of time waiting in the line, and it will enable your staff to prepare orders in advance and help more customers in the coffee shop itself.

The payment system connected is a dynamic link but if you don’t have a PayPal account you can also connect to other systems as well of course.

Attracting more customers

A way to attract more customers and increase your returning ones is by offering to sign them up for a free VIP membership. When signed up they will be able to receive special deals, free rewards through loyalty flow.

Don’t wait any longer and start building on creating a unique experience for your customers today