Messenger bot template for gyms

Gym Template 2.0

With this template, you will have a highly engaging and converting Messenger bot up and running in just minutes. If you want your gym to stand out from the rest and really connect with your members on a personal level and provide real value then this template is all you need to get you started.

Features you need to install this template:


Take your gym to the next level

With a gym around every corner, it is becoming more challenging to get more members in or even maintain the ones you already have. You will need something to set you apart and that connects with your (future) members. The number one way of doing this is by integrating Messenger marketing into your gym. You can create a personal bond with your members but automate over 90% of it. It will not only save you time but you can be relevant and be there for your members 24/7. A messenger bot never gets sick so it will always help out in any way it is programmed to do.

This gym template is designed to do just that. Helping you out in any way possible:

✅ FAQ. Showing a database of frequently asked question which will save hours of time answering every question yourself
✅ Updating of subscribers information connecting to a Google sheet or CRM it will update your member’s info soon as they change it inside the bot
✅ Lead generation. Getting you new members on autopilot through Facebook ads, offline events and more
✅ VIP program. Get your subscribers inside of the VIP program so you can offer discounts, video’s and more
✅ Group lessons sign up. Let members see what kind of group lessons you have and let them sign up right inside of Messenger
✅ Private training bookings. Let members book private training sessions to help them reach their goals
✅ Subscription plan sign up. Displaying the different subscription plans and provide a way to sign up for them
✅ The planning of weekly content, tips and more

The smart way to build chatbots

The name Smart Build Chatbots is chosen for a reason. Instead of just creating flows separately and use sequences to connect the pieces together, why not create a whole mainframe?

That’s how the Content Loop was created. One flow to connect to all others. No need for sequences anymore. Having a complete overview of your entire bot in one single flow is amazing.

In essential it is a set of conditions that check which tag subscribers have assigned to them and send them to the corresponding flow. You can keep expanding the content loop as it will never fail to connect to the right flow as long as you make proper use of tags.

What is included in the template?

✅ 15 Flows
✅ 19 Custom fields
✅ 11 Bot fields
✅ 35 Tags
✅ 7 Integromat scenario’s
✅ 2 Automation rules
✅ Tagging Framework
✅ 3 keyword triggers

This template has everything you need to get started and implement an engaging and interactive chatbot. If you are serious about taking your gym to the next level then don’t wait any longer. Leave your competition behind and create a unique experience for your members by using an app they already use daily to connect with family and friends.