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Get Current Day automation

This automation is used inside of ActiveCampaign. It will check which day it is for the subscriber and sets that to a custom field called Current day. Ideal if you want to include that current day inside an email and provide more personalization.

What do you need for this automation:

  • ActiveCampaign account (500 subs for $15)
  • Custom field inside ActiveCampaign called: Current Day

Personalize your emails

These days personalizing means everything. From addressing¬†people by their first name to even knowing how the family is doing. With email marketing, you could be somewhat limited in that regard. Sure you can handle the first name and give some relevancy by asking if they liked the ebook they downloaded yesterday. But working with conditional content and wishing someone, for example, a great weekend when it’s Friday without even touching the automation they are in is where the magic happens.

The power of conditional content

This automation can be used in many ways but I like to make use of conditional content to personalize the emails I sent out.

An example is if someone made an appointment and you want to personalize the response they get based on the day it is for the subscriber.

As you can see in the image I have set several lines of text with basically the same copy. As you also can see only one of those lines will be displayed depending on which day it is.

As you see in the mail only the second line from above is displayed in the actual mail. That’s because of me sending this email it was Tuesday¬†for the subscriber. This was stored in the custom field current day and the reason why I could set up a personalized email this way.
Just one example of how you can incorporate this powerful automation to personalize things and really stand out. So if you want to personalize your email then this automation is a great start to make your emails stand out.