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Hi, I’m Mark! I help marketers to create advanced Facebook Messenger Bots.

It’s a new way of marketing that will create a very engaging and interactive experience for your followers, subscribers, and customers.

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discovering my skillset

At a young age, I was very handy when it came down to fixing computers. Was kind of born out of necessity because we didn’t have much money at home.

Not complaining at all as I had everything I needed in life. When going to high school I needed a computer for my studies. With a lot of effort, we were able to buy one.

Within two months time, the computer crashed and we didn’t have any insurance to let it be repaired or get a replacement.

That was the moment my new found skills came into place. Within two days I fixed my computer and that was the starting point for me to think about doing this for a living. I dropped out of school at the age of 17 and started working, thinking it would be just a small break from school.

Leaving school behind

Before I knew it I was already working 13 years in logistics. Learning about automating systems, supporting software and much more.

A bit forwarding in time (about 1,5 years) I made the decision to use everything I learned throughout the years and start my own IT company.

I dedicated my company to help people with any computer issues they might have. And I must say it was a bit of a struggle at first. Especially because back then I didn’t know anything about how to present market myself.

After a two year startup, I learned the skills necessary for this and my company was doing well. In the back of my mind, I was asking myself if this would be the thing I would do until I retire. Wasn’t too sure about it at the time. Fast forwarding a bit again. Three years later I saw my company was having troubles in getting new customers.

Starting a family without certainty

That’s me, my wife and two sons. So the fact my business was doing worse each month it made me worry a lot whether I was able to keep providing for my family.

It’s always a huge risk to start your own company. It brings many uncertainties and you will need a strong will and believe to make it to a successful company.

I was trying everything I could to get more customers for my IT business. Tried for over a year with no luck but then I stumbled on a piece of software that changed my life for good.

The opportunity that changed my life

That piece of software integrated with the worlds most used social platform.

Was looking at a few webinars about it and I instantly saw the huge potential it could have for my business. I took the leap and learned everything I could over the next 7 months and it was the best investment I could have ever made.

It gave me the opportunity to reach not only my existing customers but new ones as well.

I connected with them through Messenger and could automate more than 95% of the conversations I had with them.

I could segment them by asking questions and saving those answers so I could offer them products and services they really needed.

My conversions were going up again and I was getting new customers on autopilot. That got me thinking though.

Why not use my new found skills to help other businesses to do the same? I was searching which niches I could best help. Because you do need to understand the problems a company has and make a custom solution for them.

And so I did. I have helped several businesses implement Messenger marketing and had great success. Just listen to what a few had to say;

If you want to know more about what I could do for your business just press the button below and let’s chat about the possibilities you might have by integrating Messenger marketing into your business.

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